Goals of Jhataka Vyavsayi Mahasangh

  • To promote availability of torture-free and hygienic meat to consumers.
  • Right to occupation and inclusion of communities traditionally involved in meat industry (SC/ST/Sikh/Punjabi and others) and promotion of an egalitarian environment in society.
  • To help people practice their tradition of consuming Jhataka meat.
  • To network all involved in Jhataka meat business for addressing their concerns and for providing them an effective voice.
  • To enhance consumer choice in what type of meat they consume. 

Why Jhataka?

Currently, most of the meat sold in Bharat is of "Halal" variety. This is a very torturous and cruel way of slaughtering an animal in which the poor animal is left to die slowly and painfully, in a pool of blood, after its neck vessels are slit to drain away its life and blood. Its windpipe and food pipe are also slit, mostly partially, through which the animal continuously cries out and struggles to keep alive. Jhataka procedure of slaughtering, on the other hand, is instantaneous and numbs the animal. As a result, death is sudden, relatively pain-free and less torturous.

For these reasons, any person, even of a bipartisan religious affiliation, should support and promote Jhataka method of slaughter.

Jhataka promotes inclusion & harmony of all sections of our society 

Over the last several decades, lakhs of people who have traditionally slaughtered animals using the Jhataka way, have been pushed out of their businesses and their markets have been aggressively taken away in an organized way. Today, Jhataka meat sellers find it almost impossible to get licenses for their meat shops, operate their slaughterhouses and also don't have accesses to internal wholesale markets or foreign export destinations. Almost all large-scale meat consumers in Bharat (airlines, big and small restaurants, fast-food chains, railways, luxury hotels, parliament, IRCTC etc.) do not buy Jhataka meat. This is because of lack of understanding, knowledge and a biased policy, which was peddled because of partisan politics and a religious agenda. Thus, tens of lakhs of people, including Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, have lost their traditional livelihood and are forced to lead lives of penury and uncertainty.

With promotion of Jhataka, we are working towards creating a respectable, prosperous, just and inclusive society.