Benefits of joining Jhataka Vyavsayi Mahasangh

Over the last several decades, lakhs of people who have traditionally slaughtered animals using the Jhataka way have been pushed out of business and their markets have been aggressively taken away in an organized way. Today, Jhataka meat sellers find it almost impossible to get licenses for their meat shops, operate slaughterhouses, and have access to wholesale markets. Thus, tens of lakhs of people, primarily Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, have lost their livelihoods. Most of these people are Sonkars, Valmikis, Khatiks, Arya-Khatiks, Pasis etc., who have been in the meat profession for centuries, but are now virtually shut out and many pushed into poverty. 

Jhataka Vyavsayi Mahasangh is working towards inclusion of all marginalized sections of society, restoring their right to occupation, and bringing harmony. It will network all those involved in Jhataka meat business for addressing their concerns and for providing them an effective voice. It will promote availability of torture-free and hygienic meat to consumers, and connect them with verified Jhataka meat sellers.


Register yourself

We request all Jhataka meat sellers to register with Jhataka Vyavsayi Mahasangh and join this movement for social and economic justice.



Jhataka Vyavsayi Mahasangh is establishing city/regional chapters across Bharat. If you are interested in joining, please email us at


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